Beginning my writing career as the News Editor for my university newspaper in 1991, it wasn’t long before I took a sideways step into the world of advertising, as a junior copywriter for a retail company in London.

Since then, I’ve worked as an advertising copywriter, strategist and conceptualiser for many international advertising agencies and direct clients, as well as a feature writer and editor for a range of international publishing houses.

Today I run a flourishing communications business from the Byron Bay Hinterland on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia.


My skillset

I produce text (and if required, strategic direction, campaign ideas and visual components) for print collateral (ie. mailpacks, fliers and brochures), websites, blogs, magazines & newspaper editorial, press releases, print ads, posters, TV & radio ad scripts, and much more.

Working across all media, I’m able to handle everything from B2B communications to consumer publications, from Direct mail packs to online marketing campaigns – and I provide dynamic, attention-grabbing headlines, taglines, intro copy, long copy, editorial, advertorial, blogs and even social media campaigns.

I also offer editorial and proofreading services designed to polish and refine your existing communications.



Over the years, I’ve won a number of advertising awards for my work, including Gold, Silver and Bronze DMAs and ADMAs, to name but a few.


My goal

These days we’re bombarded with countless advertising messages every single day – so yours needs to work harder than ever to hit home. With that in mind, my number one goal is to help businesses of all sizes create clever, engaging, professional communications that get noticed, remembered and acted upon.